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selection of motor insulation paper

Author:admin Time:2024-04-13

1. Insulating performance: The main function of insulating paper is to provide electrical insulation protection, so the insulating performance of insulating paper is one of the important criteria for selection. The dielectric strength and electrical dielectric loss of insulating paper are indicators for evaluating insulation performance. Generally speaking, hard insulating paper can be selected when the dielectric strength is high, and soft insulating paper can be chosen when dielectric loss is high.selection of motor insulation paper


2. Mechanical properties: The motor may be subject to vibration and impact when working, so the mechanical properties of the insulating paper are also very important. Mechanical properties include tensile strength, folding strength, tearing strength and other indicators, which can ensure that the insulation paper is not easy to break and deform, thereby improving the reliability and life of the motor.selection of motor insulation paper

3. Thermal stability: The motor will generate higher temperatures when working, so the thermal stability of the insulating paper is also an important consideration in the selection. Thermal stability refers to the stability of insulating paper at high temperatures. Insulating paper is generally required to maintain its insulation and mechanical properties without being affected in high temperature environments.

 selection of motor insulation paper

4. Chemical resistance: The motor may be exposed to some chemicals, such as oil, water, etc., so the chemical resistance of the insulating paper also needs to be considered. Oil resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance are indicators for evaluating the chemical resistance of insulating paper.


In summary, choosing the appropriate motor insulation paper requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as insulation performance, mechanical properties, thermal stability and chemical resistance, and selection based on specific applications and requirements.



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